You May Have Heard About Laser Hair Removal In Fairfax, Virginia

The most popular skincare-related questions that many people ask their doctors about permanent hair removal. Most of their concerns revolve around its benefits, the possible side effects, and its total cost. In particular, they’d often ask questions like “Does laser hair removal hurt the skin?” and “What is the deal with laser hair removal?” not only from skincare specialists from the best laser hair removal clinic In Fairfax, Virginia. Also from people who had their body hair removed permanently through this method. If you’ve been wondering about these same issues as they have, then the following discussion should reveal a few insights.

Does laser hair removal hurt during the procedure?

Questions like “Does laser hair removal hurt or not?” have been a staple concern among skin clinic patients. In truth, a certain level of epidermal pain will be felt because the laser targets the pigment in hair follicles. The beam shoots at the roots of the hair beneath the skin surface to prevent it from growing back for a long period. However, this kind of pain isn’t similar to the pain one feels after a major surgery. Although both are medical procedures, a laser hair removal doesn’t need a prescription for pain management drugs, which surgery patients receive after getting out of the operating room.

Particularly, hair removals on the back and chest areas and the legs and arms may cause some discomfort, but not epidermal pain. In contrast, facial hair removal around the mouth and chin elicits a stinging sensation like a strong rubber band suddenly striking you in the face. The laser hair removal In Fairfax, Virginia doctors, perform today very much pain-free because of the new LightSheer Duet technology that they use. Certainly, the best laser hair removal clinic in In Fairfax, Virginia already uses this technology for permanent hair removal.

Moreover, Lumenis, the company that manufactures and markets LightSheer Duet, confidently claims that a numbing cream isn’t needed at all because the laser rays won’t break through the epidermis. Although a skin treatment gel isn’t that vital, a good practice
among skin care specialists is to first shave the area, and then, spread a layer of clear water-based gel on it in preparation for the treatment. This preparatory step ultimately reduces frictional abrasion as the hand-held device glides smoothly over the skin area. Moreover, the clear gel doesn’t impede the equipment’s effectiveness as it continually emits quick bursts of the laser into the hair follicles.

What is the deal with laser hair removal In Fairfax, Virginia?

Perhaps, the best argument for a permanent hair removal comes from necessity. Many swimmers prefer to have body hair on their chests, backs, legs, and arms removed through a laser treatment. The process takes only 15 minutes to complete, which is an advantage to people who set a lunch-break appointment with the best laser hair removal clinic. For individuals with a low threshold for pain, the promise of a painless procedure probably influenced their decision to get this treatment.

In the end, a person’s decision to remove unwanted body hair permanently through laser technology depends on two major factors. One, his or her personal needs, such as a strong desire to look aesthetically pleasing to everyone, drives that person to seek an immediate solution. Two, the overall cost laser hair removal entails may hinder rather than encourage some people to get this treatment. And so, they usually turn to less expensive methods of removing body hair in Fairfax, Virginia, such as shaving them off with a razor or use wax strips to pull out the hair aggressively.